Word From the Principal


Our Cornerstone Value for this term is RESPECT. Our definition is ‘Willingness to treat with courtesy; to hold in high regard; to honour, to care about yourself and others’. This means being caring. Sitting alongside this is our key competency of being a Self Manager this includes concepts such as managing distractions, perseverance, meeting challenges and resilience.

As a school we have always prided ourselves on having children who care about others, set high expectations and enjoy taking on challenges and who are resilient. It has been very noticable this year that a number of children are struggling with these concepts. Behaviours causing concern are distractingly high levels of noise on the bus; children struggling to speak nicely or kindly to others; children damaging school property; children doing things that they know they shouldn’t or wouldn’t do at home; children opting out of swimming sports because they didn’t feel like participating; children not able to accept consequences for their actions after making a poor choice.

We teach the children that cornerstone values are about doing the right thing EVEN WHEN NO ONE IS WATCHING. I am reinforcing with the bus children that safety is paramount on the bus, that when communicating, listening and using our ears to understand and appreciate what is happening around us is more important than speaking.

Parents, you play a vital role in assisting us by asking your children what they have done each day to be respectful and caring. Did they sit quietly on the bus; did they help someone in the playground; did they play with someone they wouldn’t normally; what did they do to help their teacher or that was polite? If they got into trouble, help them think about what the consequences could have been if they had acted or responded differently - this will help them build resilience.

Only in partnership with parents can we make a real difference and maintain the wonderful environment we have at Kaharoa School. Thank you for your support.