I believe that there is a connection between our Tamariki and Kōanga (Spring). At this time of year plants burst into life, tree’s blossom, bulbs produce flowers and young seedlings are ready to be planted or seeds sown. The best results come from the plants that have been nurtured throughout the year with plenty of attention given to their growth particularly if the soil or environment is a healthy one. [Read More...]

Current Board

The Board of Trustees normally consists of five elected parents, plus the Principal and Teacher representative. There is provision to co-opt up to three people where necessary when specific skills are needed. If you wish to contact any member of the Board of Trustees contact the school office and you will be given the appropriate information.

Tony Thaugland - Chairperson, Personnel, Policy, and Legislation
Celia Grant - Treasurer, Policy, and Legislation
Kathy Snodgrass - Staff Representative
Duane English - Property
Sarah Paterson - Health & Safety
Caroline Back - Curriculum
Susanne Irwin - Minutes Secretary
Warwick Moyle - Principal

The Board of Trustees meetings are held twice a term on Mondays at 5.30 pm in the Board of Trustees room and parents are welcome. Board of Trustee meetings are usually held on the third Monday of the month. Please check the website calendar for confirmed dates.

last edited: Sun, July 21, 2019