Word From the Principal

An Investment Deal That Can’t Fail.

The best investment you can make as a parent, that will cost you nothing, is making time for your children. The rewards from this investment are priceless. As a parent myself, this message is very profound because it is now 13 years since my youngest daughter was at Kaharoa School and yet it only feels like yesterday. This time has flown by. So make good use of all the quality time and opportunities you can as you can't get them back.

Having had the privilege of being Principal at Kaharoa School for 18 years, time and time again I have seen Kaharoa graduates going on to achieve highly in academic, cultural, social and physical pursuits. All of these children have had parents who have been active participants in their child’s education by attending, supporting and being involved, questioning and working in partnership to ensure the best for their child. This support can take many forms from reading with your child every night, to discussing their day around the dinner table, to coaching your child’s sports team, or to being an active participant of the Parent Teacher’s Association (PTA).

The next two weeks will be an opportunity to read with your child each day, read recipes as you cook together, share the maths as you shop, write shopping lists or holiday plans. Not only will these moments be fun but also add to your child’s learning experiences and your future memories.

Next term I look forward to catching up with parents helping at school in classes, or at events such as electives, cross country, as new Board or PTA members and at the various sports grounds, whether it be coaching, managing or watching. This support will continue to mean Kaharoa School is a school of choice in Rotorua.

I know the children love your involvement and are looking forward to the numerous learning and winter sporting events next term. I have attached the players, coaches and supporters code of conduct to assist in assuring our standards of behaviour keep Kaharoa School at the forefront with our parents and children taking a lead in modelling strong cornerstone values.

Enjoy the term break and have a happy Easter.

Warwick Moyle

File Download: Sports_for_School_Representatives.pdf