Yummy Stickers

posted: Tue, June 30, 2020

The Yummy School Sticker Promotion has still got a term to run so keep eating that fruit and collecting those stickers - ask your grandparents and/or other family to save theirs too and lets see how many we can collect this year!

Winter is a great time to be eating Yummy apples, there are many different varieties to choose from right now. Yummy will be running a couple of school holiday competitions on their social platforms, so look out for those on both Facebook and Instagram.

No printer to print off the official sticker sheet? Well…

... since we are home-learning this term, the Yummy promoters are suggesting that stickers and bag cut-outs (worth 10 stickers) can be collected on any sheet of paper. Please try to collect in multiples of 100 to make it easier for counting. Lines of 10 might help for counting.

If you do want to print off an official collection sheet, there are three attached - standard stickers, new variety stickers, cut-outs from bags of fruit.

Go for it!

Promotion ends 25 September (end of Term 3).

File Download: SSP-pdf_Cut_Out_Label_Collection_Sheet_compressed.pdf

File Download: SSP-pdf_Sticker_Collection_Sheet_compressed.pdf

File Download: SSP-pdf_New_Variety_Sticker_Collection_Sheet_compressed.pdf

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