Redwoods Drinks Station

posted: Sat, February 09, 2019

Thank you to Sarah Paterson and the PTA for organising and running the drinks station on Friday for the Tarawera 20km race. Parents and children who volunteered for the fundraiser enjoyed the experience and were able to raise valuable funds from outside our community. Thank you also to

  • Tim and Kylie Day for providing this opportunity.
  • Vance Shoebridge and Kieran Shoebridge for collecting supplies and assisting with set up. Vance also made a great picture frame.
  • Sarah Paterson, Michelle Marino, Robin Larcombe, Tammy Savage and Jacqui English for running the station.
  • Our student helpers Finley, Ty, Riley, Luke, Jess, Jessica and Hannah

Hopefully I haven’t missed anyone.

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