Irlen and Auditory Processing Screenings

posted: Thu, March 14, 2019

Vision and hearing are absolutely paramount to learning and having our children screened free of charge is a fantastic opportunity which is provided by the Empowered Learning Trust.

The Empowered Learning Trust (who are sponsored by trusts such as RECT) have provided free Irlen and Auditory Processing screenings to all our Year 4 children last year and this year. (Some other children who teachers wished to have screened were also included).

Any follow up tests relating to hearing and/or vision PLUS any prescription glasses and/or Irlen tint glasses will also be paid for by the Empowered Learning Trust. This is fantastic!

Kim Shearer and Sarah McKnight from the Empowered Learning Trust have been in our school during the last two weeks to do these screenings. They will be collating the results next week. Any children who require follow up tests (free of charge) will be sent a letter outlining next steps. These next steps could be:

  • For vision: to visit an optometrist and/or an Irlen specialist for full diagnostic testing
  • For hearing: to have a paid subscription to use the Hear Builder app for a year
Please note: Some children could require just vision or hearing follow ups or both vision and hearing.

Any queries please contact Mrs Powley. Thank you.

Ngā mihi mahana

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