Discover China Morning

posted: Thu, August 30, 2018

On Monday 27th August all our tongxuemen and laoshi were involved in 6 different workshops about ‘Discover China’. This morning was possible from generous funding from Asia: NZ Foundation and facilitated by Confucius Classroom Western Heights High School.

Xiexie nimen to Mrs George, Mr George, Lingfei, Yanrong, Caifei, Zihui our fabulous teachers (laoshi) for the morning.

All the children and staff thoroughly enjoyed the painting (huahua), hacky sac (jianzi), fan dance (wudan), paper cutting (jianzhi), listening and trying to play the erhu (like an upright violin) and seeing and learning more about China and seeing different Chinese cultural icons such as Beijing opera masks, qipao, fans and more!

What a fabulous way to start a week of learning!

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