Cornerstone Values

Our values are our deeply held beliefs about what is important. We express them through the way we think and act, and in our daily lives. Our values will enable our learners to thrive in the diverse communities in which they live. We aim to build character through the Cornerstone Values approach. Children learn that through their decisions and subsequent actions there are negative or positive consequences. The following values are taught, modelled and practiced every day while we emphasise one value per term:

  1. Respect (Whakamana) - ‘Willingness to treat with courtesy; to hold in high regard; to honour, to care about yourself and others.’ This means being caring.
  2. Responsibility (Whakapono) – ‘Willingness to be answerable, to be trustworthy and accountable, for your own conduct and behaviour.’ This means being trustworthy.
  3. Duty (Herenga Pono) – ‘Willingness to do what is right or what a person ought to do, obligation.’ This means doing the right thing.
  4. Compassion (Atawhai) – ‘Willingness to help, empathise with, or show mercy to those who suffer.’ This means helping those in trouble.
  5. Obedience (Aronga Taringa) – ‘Willingness to obey rightful authority.’ This means doing what you are asked for those who care.
  6. Honesty and Truthfulness (Hara Kore) – ‘Willingness not to steal, cheat, lie or be unfair.’ This means telling the truth.
  7. Consideration (Whai Whakaarotanga) - ‘Willingness to be kind, thoughtful and consider the interest of others before self.’ This means thinking of others.
  8. Kindness (Ngakau aroha) – ‘Willingness to help, show concern for and be friendly to others.’ This means being a friend.’

What does this look like in our classroom?

  • Knowing the Good (Head)
  • Desiring the Good (Heart)
  • Doing the Good (Hand)

At the beginning of each term the value for the term will be introduced by the Principal at assembly, and taught in the classroom. The definition will be discussed, displayed and referred to as appropriate in and out of the classroom. During odd years we cover values 1-4 and during even years values 5-8.

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