Word From the Principal

Bugs and Germs

Well, that was a different start to term 2! Having a nasty gastrobug (which was confirmed by Public Health last Thursday as Norovirus) is not nice for anyone. Having so many children and staff affected at the same time in the first week was a rocky start to say the least. Norovirus germs can survive for up to 15 days so it is very easy to become infected or reinfected. The Public Health Educators who visited the school stressed the importance of hand hygiene-thoroughly washing and drying hands before eating and after going to the toilet. The other most significant point was to ensure that 48 hours had elapsed following last incident of vomiting and/or diarrhea before any student or staff member returned to school. Some children have had a relapse so these 48 hours are vital to ensure the health and safety of all students and staff.

​Sports Teams

It has been wonderful to see the many practices start up this term thanks to the coaches who have volunteered. Children have now had 1 or 2 competition games under their belt and whilst some have had successes and some have had wins it is all part and parcel of sports competitions. I’m looking forward to coming to see the teams in action during the term. I know that I’ll be able to find our teams as they look very smart in our Kaharoa full uniform.

The PTA organised and ran a very successful Mothers Day Stall on two consecutive days last week. Thank you to everyone who donated a gift to the school. Our PTA are always thinking of innovative ways to fundraise whilst benefiting all. With this recent fundraiser students delighted in the buying and giving of gifts whilst I’m sure Mums were rapt when receiving their chosen gift.


I travelled on the Jackson and Hamurana bus runs this morning. Steve and Peter respectively are the names of our wonderful bus drivers. They ensure your child(ren) arrives at school and to their home bus stop safely. As you can appreciate having up to 50 + children all talking during the morning and afternoon bus runs 5 days a week is not easy (imagine a birthday party with 50+ children for 45 minutes!). As children begin to talk louder it can become dangerous for Steve or Peter as they can be distracted. At times we have to talk to a child(ren) re bus behaviour. If this continues your child(ren) could lose their place on the bus for a period of time. Please reinforce positive bus behaviour with your child(ren). Thank you. There are limits around the number of students allowed to travel on the bus which is why you must inquire whether it is possible for your child to travel on another route e.g. travelling with another child to sport practice. While Mr Moyle is away I am in charge of the buses.

Re buses on wet afternoons: With winter upon us and rainy days, some lovely parents choose to pick up their children. Please be mindful at these times of Steve and Peter’s buses who also need to leave at scheduled departure times. On a number of these wet days the Jackson bus was unable to pull out safely due to cars in the way.

  • Please leave the parking area from bus shelter to exit sign from main car park and bus turn opposite the school clear of all cars from 2:40-3:10pm.