NZ Assessment Exams

posted: Thu, May 17, 2018

New Zealand Assessment Exams (Great NZ Kiwi Competition) now have their own assessment exams similar to the Australasian Assessment Exams that we have offered in the past. These exams cater for those children in Years 5 and above. We will be doing these assessments rather than the Australasian Assessments as they are NZ written for NZ children.

Once again, this year the University of Canterbury is delighted to offer the Great Kiwi English, Mathematics and Science competitions for Primary, Intermediate and Secondary schools. The Kiwi competitions are written by New Zealand teachers for New Zealand students and are based on the New Zealand curriculum.

The online competitions will be run in the last 3 weeks of Term 2. All participating students will be awarded a certificate and prizes will be awarded to top students in each year group. The cost for a student to participate is $8.50 per competition entered.

If you wish your child to be enrolled into 1, 2 or all 3 exams please fill in the attached form or pick up a form from the school office and send back to school with money enclosed, pay online or amount to be added to your account. Entries need to be in by Thursday 31 May.

File Download: great_nz_eams.pdf

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