Excellences and Scholarships

posted: Fri, February 09, 2018

​Congratulations to the following past pupils who were celebrated at the recent Western Heights High School recognitions assembly for achieving excellence.

​Year 13 - Amanda Denize, Max Hale, Jack Pitkethley, Maddie Guy, Kieran Williams

Year 12 - Abbie Garwood, Anthony Walshe, Kira Lees, Alex Pitkethley, Lucy McGovern, Alice Croucher

Year 11 - Jordyn Griffin, Tayla Vanner, Damon Cowie

Course Endorsements

Level 1 - Damon Cowie (4)

Level 2 - Lucy McGovern (4), Alice Croucher (6)

Level 3 - Kieran Williams (4)

Kieran Williams - University of Auckland Top Achiever (20k)
- University of Canterbury Entrance Excellence Scholarship (6k)
- Rotary Club North Scholarship (2k)
- Rotorua Jazz Society Scholarship ($500)
- RECT Financial Scholarship (6K)

Maddie Guy - University of Otago Leaders of Tomorrow Entrance Scholarship (6k)

Emma Lund - University of Otago New Frontiers Excellence Entrance Scholarship (5k)

Zach Williams - Victoria Achiever Scholarship (5k)
- Lions Ngongotaha Scholarship (2k)
- RECT Financial Scholarship (6K)

Max Hale - Lions Ngongotaha Scholarship (2k)
- RECT Financial Scholarship (6K)

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