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Term Letter

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23 July 2018

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

Room Rata

Welcome back to Term 3, 2018! I hope you had a lovely break with family and friends. We are excited to be in our new class now and are looking forward to exploring the space alongside Room Rimu.

The Key Competencies that we will focus on this term are Thinking and being a Can Do Kid

Thinking and reflecting are very important skills and will be a focus for the whole year, and Can Do kids are motivated, risk takers, participators, and are enterprising.

Our Cornerstone Value this term is Consideration- ‘Willingness to be kind, thoughtful and consider the interest of others before self.’ This means thinking of others.

For maths we will continue to cross over the classes. Our main focus this term is multiplication and division. At home, children can work on mastering their times tables and related division facts. We will continue to use Maths Whizz, however, this may not be during our crossover maths rotations, but during class time.

Reading will focus on reading fluency, accuracy and comprehension. Students have been tested and grouped accordingly. Groups will read with the teacher while the rest of the class will be doing various literacy activities. We will continue to use The Daily 5 programme during this time. We will be reading both school journals and novels.

To begin with in writing, students will be writing narratives. We will then move onto persuasive advertisements later in the term. l A key focus in writing will be making changes to writing to make it better, and proofreading and editing.

Topic this term is based around the school wide key competency focus of Can Do. We will again, be working alongside Rimu for this. Students will challenge themselves and act as leaders in various aspects of life such as cooking, science, physical activity and art.

We begin Electives this term! We had lots of parents offer their time and expertise which meant that students had a variety of choices to choose from. This will be every second Friday for 1 hour, starting in week 1.

We are lucky to be having Berni and Harold join us at the beginning of the term for Life Education. The focus for this will be based around relationships with others and building self esteem.

With regards to homework- Students are expected to read daily. There are maths sheets in class that students can take home. I am encouraging students to take these independently, however, if I see a need, I will send maths home for students to practise. For those students who opted into the Homework Challenge, remember these challenges need to be completed then shown to me so I can sign them off.

We will be continue learning about and using Google Drive in class for some of our learning. This is accessible from anywhere as long as you have internet and a device.

If you have any queries, please feel free to email me .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or phone the office to arrange a time to meet.

Warmest Regards,

Lisa Fell

Upcoming Events

Thursday 26 July- Blessing of new building

Tuesday 31 July- Parent Interviews

Wednesday 1 August- Parent Interviews

Monday 6 August- School Photos

Wednesday 15 August- Tough Guy & Gal

Tuesday 11 September- Homework Challenge Market Day

Tuesday 25 September- Art Show Opening

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