Word From the Principal

Welcome to Term 3!

Wow a whole year has gone by since joining the team at Kaharoa. It’s been like watching a movie stuck in fast forward and trying to keep up! I’ve been really grateful for the support of our staff and community during this transition year. What a fantastic kura(school) we have. I went for a walk around the school on Monday lunchtime, talking with students, and enjoying a splash of sunshine. There is such a positive happy vibe around the school, with students enjoying the outdoors, company with others, and a range of sports and activities. A huge welcome to our new whānau (families) joining us this term.

Networking and PLD

There have been a number of days for me out of school recently, with excellent support for the school by our Middle Leaders. The education landscape is ever changing and these PLD and networking opportunities are crucial for reflecting on best practices within the school, and keeping up-to-date. Recently I was in Wellington for a rural principal hui with the leaders of the property team. I’m hoping this $200 investment for flights there will benefit the school as I presented the $10,927 bill we have for the resource consent process for our sewage system. They are looking more closely at ways they can support us with this now. It was also a great opportunity to network with other rural principals. It was a shame my flight home was cancelled and I was sent to Hamilton for a 2 hour wait, and then the long bus ride back to Rotorua. What an adventure.

Abandonment of Kaharoa School Enrolment Zone

“Abandonment” is the legal phrase they use, but it basically means that the Ministry has concluded that there is no longer a continuing need for an enrolment scheme at Kaharoa School. This change means that families can enrol their children at the school regardless of their home address with immediate confirmation of enrolment. If you know of a family that would like to enrol, please direct them to our school website or email office@kaharoa.school.nz

Mindfulness, flexibility, and resilience

At our start of term assembly, I spoke to the students about these three things that would make this a great term. Mindfulness - be in the moment. Enjoy what you can and making the best of each moment. Think about what is best for us all, not just for what we individually want.

Flexibility - things might and will change. Have goals and hopes, but hold on to plans lightly and be ready to be flexible.

Resilience - continue to build strategies for yourself for how to get through challenges. This might be time with friends, time out to read a book, or a walk through the forest. Find what helps you get through challenges and so some of that each week.

I am looking forward to a great term with a focus on mindfulness, flexibility, and resilience alongside a can-do attitude, and doing our best always.

Consideration / Whai Whakaarotanga

Our value focus for Term 3 is Consideration / Whai Whakaarotanga which will be a theme of future newsletters. Mrs Leanne Hale, Whaea Lisa Fell, and Mrs Maria Shoebridge and I will each contribute to the newsletters, and I thank them for their leadership support this term.