Word From the Principal

Term 2 - Full Steam Ahead!

All aboard the steam train - we are off! Term 2 looks to be jam-packed with learning, school and PTA events, and trips so we have put the updated fridge calendar at the end of this newsletter for you! We are training the sports camp team in Y7/8 and School/Club teams are underway for netball, hockey, basketball, football, EPro8, rugby and more. Classes are planning their trips to the Kokako Bush with our science focus this term on sustainability.

We have ended up with 5 major PTA events on this term. We didn’t plan it that way, it’s just the way the timing ended up working with the wider community.

For new families, and those that have been part of the community for a while, you will appreciate that Kaharoa School only has our current excellent resources and grounds because of community support. The tennis courts, school pool, volleyball, and outdoor chess are examples of projects built with community fundraising. The MOE only give us a small budget for resources, but our excellent math resources, technology resources (Epro8, Mindstorm Lego, Beebots, Makey Makeys), reading books, and library are a result of fundraising and community support.

However… our PTA which leads this fundraising is currently a small group of volunteers and need our support. We have made a number of changes this past year to reduce the work of each role in the PTA to build a sustainable team.

  • Our meeting chair, treasurer, and secretary roles are set up so you have a crossover period learning alongside the previous volunteers, and then have a year supporting in that role, before passing on to another parent.
  • Events are organised by event leaders and our 1-2 meetings a term are shorter and focused on the finances and overview of the year, not event organisation.
  • Parents are now able to lead or be a part of organising a fundraising event without ‘joining the PTA’. Just let us know which event you would like to support (pta@kaharoa.school.nz).

Our PTA has usually raised between $20k to $25k each year which is a significant amount of support for our students and if we don’t get support from our school families, it is at risk of puttering out. If each family pitches in to support one PTA event over the year, we can continue to raise much needed funds!

We would love for you to have a look over our latest newsletter with details of the term 2 PTA events and consider how you might be able to get involved. Our newsletter was handed out to each family to bring home this week and is also posted on our website homepage.