Word From the Principal

Stay Safe, Stay Well, Stay Home and Be Kind

We as a staff are committed to providing the best possible outcomes for your child and the Kaharoa School community during the Covid19 lockdown in New Zealand. This is a time when our Kaharoa School’s Cornerstone Values come to the fore, especially those of Kindness and Compassion. We can still connect - via technology and how lucky we are to be able to do so! This will be very important to do so especially for those living alone.

We have followed advice from the Ministries of Health and Education. The school has maintained a calm and sensible approach regarding the Covid-19 pandemic. From the beginning of the year staff have maintained a regime of reinforcing the recommended hygiene protocols with the children. We are very proud of how the community has supported and worked with us.

Teachers have put together ideas and links to programmes of work for each class that children could engage with and this was sent via email to each family.

Teachers are also available via their school email and will connect with children for remote learning after the early school holidays which run from 30 March to 14 April inclusive. During this time teachers will be, like you, having family time while also planning for the new term, though without having access to their classes.

As you will appreciate this is new ground for all of us as we come to grips with this way of interacting with your child purely online. Please be patient with us and be assured we are doing our very best.

Some important points to consider regarding learning at home and online learning

  • teachers will not be teaching rather facilitating and encouraging learning. Their role will be to check in with children, provide support, ideas and motivation - as you will appreciate this will be challenging for everyone, not only teachers organising communication with children but also teachers arranging effective communication channels between each other while learning new approaches and IT platforms.
  • the two week school holidays have been brought forward to next Monday 30 March through to and including Tuesday 14 April. During this time teachers will have limited/little contact with children as they will have their own home and planning requirements for next term. However, the ideas already provided, along with contact over the next few days will allow those motivated children (and parents) enough to keep them engaged.
  • a great first activity is setting up a school area and gear with your child.
  • set a routine by making a realistic timetable, it is easier for children and parents if you have an agreed routine and expectations.
  • don’t expect your child to sit and read and write for 5 hours a day. 1-2 quality hours is better than many unproductive hours of battling and stress.
  • set your timetable within the school hours of 9.00 am to 3.00 pm with an exciting/engaging activity in the afternoon for your child to look forward to.
  • let your child be part of the planning and problem solving.
  • if more than one child let the eldest child find opportunities to peer tutor a younger sibling. Even if it is just reading to them , listening to them read or sharing the reading
  • make it fun and helpful - eg your child preparing a family duty roster, researching a card game to teach the family, planning a simple dinner they could make, researching and writing titles for a family game of charades, writing shopping lists, making puppets and planning a show for the family (you could even film it to share with classmates), writing a song. Ideas are as long as your imaginations and many of these things we are often too busy to do!

Internet Safety
It is important that the children understand (and are supported by parents) that internet safety protocols need to remain in place when working on the various school learning platforms at home.

Parents can assist by

  • having children working on computers in a central place.
  • having set hours, such as only on the computer for short periods of time between 9.00 am and 3.00 pm.
  • regularly discussing the child’s learning with them.
  • ensuring any communication children have with classmates on organised school platforms is friendly, kind and related or relevant to their learning.
  • that they aren’t talking with people they don’t know unless you have knowledge of who this person is.

Children do not have the Network for Learning (N4L) protection at home and teachers are not in a position to sort out issues created online created by inappropriate content. There is likely to be more cases of scams during this time when people are home from work. I have attached the Information, Communication and Digital Devices Policy for your information.

School Grounds are Closed
We have been instructed by the Ministry of Education to secure and close school grounds. Please note the Playground is closed and Out of Bounds

Parent/Whanau Survey
Parents may like to take time to complete the Auckland University Survey which will provide useful information for your child’s school. Whanau survey link

We thank all those parents working on the front line providing in medical, police or service support.

Be safe, take care, ask for help if required.

Kia kaha Kaharoa School and wider community. This is a time when our Cornerstone Values or Kindness and Compassion will come to the fore.

File Download: Information%2C_Communication_and_Digital_Devices_Policy.pdf