Word From the Principal

Run run as fast as you can…

After collecting all the money raised through our Fun Run we are delighted to announce that we have raised a total of $3649. The cost to take students was $1721 which is an enormous amount of $1928 towards sports gear for the school! It sounds like this will become an annual event and we have some snazzy ideas for 2025 already!

Thank you for getting behind our current fundraising initiatives. We had 5 large skip bins full of scrap metal collected! Coming up next:

  • FIREWOOD splitting and stacking. Any helpers appreciated. Starting 8:30am this Sunday 9th of June. 247 Kaharoa Road. No experience required! To drop off a big load, or to arrange collection please phone Ray White on 07 3488333
  • GARAGE SALE Bits and pieces can be dropped to the Ray White branch office in Rotorua or Ngongotaha. Garage Sale Event is Sunday 16th of June at Ngongotaha Railway Park
  • KAHAROA CULL registration forms were sent home with each family. Information on our school website. Weigh in Sunday 23rd of June.


There is a current spotlight on student attendance as attendance levels have dropped significantly in recent years. Every school day is important. Learning happens in little building blocks one day at a time. If learning could be repeated quickly and students learned what they missed while being away with a quick review - we would teach like that every day! But that’s not the case. Our leadership team has begun to look at our school attendance data and patterns and ways to increase attendance at school. Please find the information below from the MOE. We do understand it is winter bug season, and students need to stay home when sick. Our focus is on maximising the days students are at school and minimising absences for other reasons.


From the Ministry of Education:

If a student misses one day of school every two weeks, they miss more than a whole year of school by 16 years of age. As a parent or caregiver, you, alongside our school, play a key role in building strong habits of regular school attendance.

All students are legally required to attend school every day and it is a shared responsibility to make sure students attend and engage in learning from when they first start school.

You must let the school know if your child is going to be absent or intends to be absent for a portion of the school term for whatever reason, like a tangi or medical procedure. Family holidays or taking time off for extracurricular activities (not organised by school) are not acceptable reasons for being absent.

We know that autumn has certainly brought its crisp mornings and winter is coming with all its chills, bugs and colds. Knowing if your child is well enough to go to school can be tricky at times. Health New Zealand | Te Whatu Ora have refreshed their guidance for schools and parents to use to help make that call. Check out the Ministry of Education website for more information. https://parents.education.govt.nz/essential-information/attendance-every-day-matters/#sickness

To find out more about the ‘Every Day Matters’ nation-wide initiative. Please click on this link: