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Principal’s Prize Giving Address 2019

E ngā manuhiri, koutou kua haere mai i tawhiti, koutou kua haere mai i tata, Nau mai haere mai ki te Kura o Kaharoa Anei mātau e mihi atu nei ki a koutou katoa kua tae mai nei i tēnei rā. Tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa.

Welcome to

  • Special Guest Sheryn Shoebridge
  • Wiremu Ruru representing the Branson Family Trust
  • Tony Thaugland our Board Chair and Board Members
  • Past pupils Silvie Irwin and Fisher Wang
  • Parents, family, friends and children to our 2019 prize giving for our Year 8 leavers.

COWIE FAMILY – Harrison, Annelyse, Damon
GREEN FAMILY – Danika, Caprice
HARFORD FAMILY – Kate, Lockie, Blake
JONES FAMILY – Lucy, Rebecca
KEOWN FAMILY – Amber, Christopher
McGARVIE FAMILY – Ella, Jackson, Ashton
WALSHE FAMILY – Katrina, Jeremy, Anthony
WATKINS FAMILY – Cameron, Alana

To our sponsors and supporters - thank you: in particular the PTA who have funded resources and supported numerous events including

  • Barbeques for various events
  • Beer tasting night
  • Firewood fundraiser
  • Rugby nights
  • Hamurana Colour Run
  • Metal drive with the support from McCauleys Metals
  • Beach Volleyball Court – Celia Grant, Guy Gaddum, Matt Pethybridge, Brett Austin
  • Leadership equipment for our Dynamo Leaders
  • Afternoon tea for the Year 8 leavers
  • Classroom resources
  • Ice blocks at events

    Special thank you to the following PTA members who have dedicated a lot time for your children who have stood down this year

    Janine Hanna – accounts
    Gaye France - secretary
    Karl Weaver - chairman
    I would like to call Mrs Rose Powley forward to thank Megan Kusabs for the wonderful voluntary work she has done with our Kahalele group
    I would like to call Miss Kimberlee Fields forward to make a presentation to Sheryn Shoebridge our long standing staff member who is retiring this year.

Thank you also to

  • Those parents and grandparents who have helped out at school in the gardens, coaching, electives, transport, camps…..the list goes on.
  • Ngati Whakaue and RECT for funding $13,000 for literacy next year
  • Southern Trust, Pub Charity and RECT – Mobile Seating $49,000
  • Rotorua Lakes Council – Community Matching Fund $14,000 for Beach Volleyball
  • NZCT – Swimming Pool - $53,000
  • Branson Trust - $1000 (this is the last year $12,000)
  • Hamurana Colour Run Sponsors – Lakes Council, Farmlands Real Estate, Otaika Valley Eggs, Pink Fit, Hamurana Store, Parent sponsors
  • Ngongotaha 4 Square

Yet another special group of Year 8 children are going off to High School, and we are losing some other exceptional children to other schools for various reasons. To you all remember to

  • keep your standards high even when nobody’s looking
  • be polite to everyone
  • be responsible and treat everyone with respect and go out of your way for others
  • when things don’t go your way listen to and try to understand the other person’s viewpoint and situation before you respond
  • be proud of who you are and leave a long-lasting and strong memory with others by the positive impression you make.
  • make a positive difference for someone else every day.

This year 25 of our Year 8 children were tested by the National Monitoring Study of Student Achievement focusing on Year 8 English. The children were tested on Reading, Writing, Listening and Viewing, Presenting and Speaking. They were part of 100 schools and 2025 Year 8 students. I’m delighted to say all our children were above the national average in all areas and in many cases substantially. These results will be on our website for parents to celebrate with your child. See attached.

A few weeks ago reviewers from the Education Review Office visited Kaharoa School. It gave me a lot of pleasure to ‘show off’ your children and the strong learning dispositions the children have. It was also a chance to highlight our wonderful teachers and the work they do. The reviewers were impressed not only with the quality of the work all our teachers are doing across the school but also with the work of our support staff, teacher aides, administration staff and caretaker.

What gives me the most joy is seeing our Year 8 children leave and overtime achieve and become positive contributors to our society. Once again results I have seen and heard about show Kaharoa School past pupils have achieved highly at the various High Schools throughout Rotorua and at schools and universities outside of Rotorua. We also have those who have gone onto successful lives in the workplace and community. Fisher is a great example of this. All of these young people ‘fill my bucket’ and I have no doubt this group of Year 8 children will do the same.

Next year a few of the many things we can look forward to are

  • welcoming Kate Barron to Room 4 while Shanelle Kivell spends 6 months on a science contract.
  • welcoming Christina Clark as our Learning Support Coordinator
  • upgrade of our junior block (I said this last year however I do know prefabs are arriving early January for a hopeful start in Term 2
  • continuation of ukulele, band, kapahaka and choir
  • developing more leadership opportunity and recognition for our year 8 children
  • development of the Mindfulness Garden
  • opening of the Beach Volleyball Court
  • planning where we spend $134K in the next two years and a further $200K in 2022 on property improvements.

Children start next year on 3 February and we are starting the year with an opening roll of around 185 children. We have a TOD on Friday 7 February where teachers will be visiting local marae and areas of significance.

I wish you all a safe and festive New Year and Christmas.

Kia Ora tatou

File Download: NMSSA_Feedback_BOT.pdf


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