Word From the Principal

Nearly There

With the end of term 2 next week nearly upon us, we can reflect on the many challenges this most peculiar term or period of time has thrown at us. I want to take this opportunity to thank your child's teacher and Kaharoa staff for the way they have 'rolled with the punches' taking on new learning and challenges. Thank parents for your support and engagement with the school and your child's learning and last but not least o tamariki for the resilience they have shown throughout lockdown in dealing with the enforced changes at school and the challenges of the unknown.

​Thank you, parents, for following all the information ‘fired’ your way. We noticed at over this term

  • The great independent habits the younger children were showing when parents were restricted from walking them (and caring their bags) into school.
  • Children getting to the bus or the hall independently and responsibly.
  • How independent and capable many of the children were during the lockdown.
  • How talented and capable our senior children are eg the ANZAC commemoration.
  • How resilient children can be.
  • How much children, and adults, miss human contact and interaction.
  • How much we miss sport and activity.
  • The beauty of nature.
  • The importance of family/whanau and spending quality time together, and much, much more.

Teachers have done a lot of talking about how we can capture the best from what was a challenging time for many, and yet a time where we could also to reflect on what is important in the teaching and learning context.

A negative impact the lockdown has caused for the school has been a financial one with potential losses of 50-70K due to a discontinued contract for a staff member, our reliance on Trust funding, and borders being closed for Foreign Fee-paying students. This makes the voluntary school donation and activity fee even more important. We will appreciate activity fees being paid as soon as possible and those that can pay the voluntary donation paying this as soon as you are able. We have three activities next term that will need to be paid for, Life Education Trust, Monarch Show, and Zeebong the storyteller.

Thank you, parents, for keeping sick children home. With our first Covid-19 case in Rotorua it is important we follow The 10 Golden Rules and keep our guard up. This also helps keep our teachers well, saving the added financial burden on the school of needing to pay $324.00 a day for relievers. We also want to reinforce the message that if a family member gets tested for Covid-19 all children/siblings should stay at home to ensure safety of all.

The timed cross country interschool event, Beach Volleyball opening and Korean BBQ for parents have been postponed to Monday, weather permitting.

Finally, we look forward to ending our term with Year 8 pupils Finley and Meg being Principals’ for a day. They are planning an exciting day ending in a $2 sausage sizzle lunch and tabloids. Parents are most welcome to join us.