Word From the Principal

Focus on Learning

With the weather improving teachers are considering how to get the best learning from our 12 weeks remaining in the year. Our professional learning has emphasised recently the importance of continually reviewing what has been learned so that it sticks. One of the ways we do this is called ‘spaced retrieval practice’ meaning that we deliberately space out opportunities to review and remember previous learning during a day, over a week, and over the year.

Home Practice

You may have seen information come home from your child’s teacher about opportunities for home practice. While our staff are committed to providing effective learning opportunities at school, additional practice at home will enhance student growth. If each parent listened to their child read - in the car, while making dinner, or sitting on the couch together for just 5 minutes a day - that would be 2750 additional hours of reading for our school.

When you do read with your child or listen to them read please ask them to read out loud, and if they get stuck on a word - remind them to sound it out - but if they’ve had a go at that, just tell them the word and focus on enjoying the book together. Also look out for ways to encourage reading throughout the week - suggest they bring a book in the car to read while waiting, when grandparents visit - read a chapter to them.

Looking for opportunities to practice basic math with your child will also support their learning. Early counting and basic facts can be practiced when washing the dishes, driving in the car, or counting steps when walking.

However, we understand that some days are more hectic than others, and home practice won’t be possible every school day. We appreciate your support where you can and know every bit will make a difference for the progress of students.

Donations and Activity Donations

Thank you to families that have been able to contribute so far. These contribute towards being able to offer additional support for students, running the pool, our resources, and upkeep of our grounds and facilities. The cost of our annual Kahawrite magazine printing is paid for from these donations. A free copy will be distributed to families where they have contributed via donations. You can also purchase a copy by requesting one from the office at $12 each by the end of term 3 (22nd of September).