Word From the Principal

Considering Consideration

We have been talking to the students about our school value of consideration. In children’s day to day play and learning they are interacting with others and sharing activities and equipment. It is important for them to consider how their choices and actions impact others. Kindness, respect, and compassion are needed as all people are different. Staff have noticed a number of situations where students are being unkind to each other and are setting out to strengthen our school values. We have spoken to students about the need to show consideration for others. What might seem like a joke to them, may not feel like a joke to another student. We ask that you partner with us in discussing consideration for others - how might they feel? And how we can all show kindness, respect, and compassion for others.

School Support Network - Lead Principal Role
Kaharoa School is part of a support network of 12 schools in our area called a Kahui Ako or Community of Learning. We share ideas across schools about how to best use resources and approaches to benefit student learning, and network together to support students transitioning through their school education journey.

I (Lynden) have been appointed as the Lead Principal for this support network starting next term for an initial period of 2 years. My priority continues to be my role as principal at Kaharoa School and I am accountable to ensure all leadership responsibilities are attended to at the current quality and continual improvement trajectory we are on as a school. I will likely be out of School on Thursday’s - visiting other schools, meeting with other principals, attending PLD, and meeting with project groups.

For the most part there will be minimal change for Kaharoa, although you will see our two Deputy Principals step further into their leadership roles around curriculum development, pastoral care, and supporting school systems.