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Classes for 2019

It was wonderful to welcome nine of 14 new families to our 'Meet Your Teacher' morning last Tuesday and our three new teachers, Denise Sharp (Room Totara), Shanelle Kivell (Room Miro) and Kimberlee Fields (Room Matai). Next year we start with a full roll of 199 and 26 new children starting on our first school day, Wednesday 30 January.

Each year we have two or three queries about how we decide on which class the children will be in. Being an eight classroom school we don’t have the luxury of a choice of classes that larger schools have and this means most of the classes are multilevel. Like all schools, funding and class size is influenced by a funding allocation of one teacher to 15 children for the New Entrant room, one to 23 children at the Year 2/3 level and one to 29 at the Year4-8 level.

Within these limitations teachers and I spend considerable time discussing class placement. Below is our class composition guideline for your information.


To create classes with as smaller age/maturity range as possible that makes it easy to cater to all pupils’ social, emotional, physical and academic needs. That this takes place without unduly unbalancing appropriate teacher pupil ratios.

Pupils will be placed into class groups that may or may not be composite in nature (e.g. have both Yr. 5 & 6 in the same class) that have a majority of pupils as close in age to each other as much as is possible without unbalanced classroom teacher pupil ratios.

  1. Inside the above requirements to also aim, where possible, to create classes of even gender composition.
  2. Where children are close to the cut off line i.e. close to being either the youngest in one class or the eldest in another the child’s social, physical and intellectual needs may be taken into account.
  3. Junior classes, usually rooms 1 & 2, will start the year with lower numbers. Therefore as new entrants enrol as the year progresses these rooms will be able to take most if not all of these pupils without having to move pupils to rooms 3 - 8. Thus there will be less disruption to classes overall.
  4. Junior classes will have a lower pupil teacher ratio than other classes due to the particular needs of younger pupils and the concept that a good start avoids problems further up the school.


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