Word From the Principal

A Word from our Principal

As we race towards the end of the term, I’ve been working with a few students who have hit a speed bump, and need to make some adjustment to their driving style. My personal view on human development is such that I see mistakes as an opportunity to learn and grow. There is often a need for consequences but this is alongside character growth conversations with a focus on restoration, and goal setting for positive future decision making. Hitting a speed bump too fast has an impact on the others travelling in our car, and is an opportunity to stop, reflect, consider others, put things right, and look ahead. Our Cornerstone Values provide a positive framework for these conversations with students. Some individuals hit more speed bumps than others, and learning to manage self is a process over time. Thank you for your support as we work together for the best possible growth and learning for our tamariki.

You may have seen the survey sent out via email on the 24th of September for community input as we start thinking about our strategic goals for the next three years. Thank you to those that have shared their thoughts so far. If you would like to respond to the survey you can type this link into your internet browser https://bit.ly/39LF8a5

Before and After School Care / Holiday Programmes
After trying for some time to build momentum, we now have regular attendance of the before school care. The After School Care was not sustainable, and there were not enough enrolments to make a Kaharoa School based Holiday Programme possible. These programmes are something we can review in the future if there is interest.

Activity Fee
In our mid year finance review we identified that a number of planned activities were unable to go ahead this year, and so have reduced the activity fee from $50 to $22.50 for 2021. The activity fee for students starting in Term 3 or 4 is $10.50. This fee covers actual costs only and includes rhythm and interactive, NZ Playhouse show, and the Kahawrite magazine at the end of the year. Thank you for your support with this as it allows opportunities for students beyond what we are funded for with the MOE. Unfortunately, Life Education cancelled our booking this year, and we hope to have this back in the mix for 2022.

Bus Transport

With support from Mr. Fisher Wang from the Rotorua Lakes Council (former Kaharoa School student), we have obtained fluro vests for all students travelling to and from school via bus. The expectation is that students wear this vest when they leave home to walk or drive to the bus stop, and while on the bus. On the return journey they are expected to wear this vest until they enter their home property. Our roads and walkways have high speed vehicles, and students waiting near the edge of the road is a safety concern to us as a school, and the local council. Please support this new initiative by ensuring these are worn. There will be numbered vests handed out and students will be responsible for returning their vest when they graduate to High School, or on departure from the school.