Healthy Horses Inside Out

Tina Brandt
a: 1164 Paradise Valley Road, RD2, Rotorua 3072

Healthy Horses Inside Out specialises in quality low dose highly targeted and potent mineral formulas alongside a forage first and pro-digestive health diet to combat a range of dietary induced issues in horses.

The HHIO formulations have two approaches – to correct actual mineral balance, and to preserve and support digestive health. Each formula contains powerful combinations of the nutrients commonly deficient, but essential to your horse’s health. This targeted approach has created an affordable and effective way to ensure your horse is getting the optimal intake of essential ingredients promoting overall health including coats, hooves, immune and digestive systems.

The formulas target the levels of what is known to be lacking in the average horse’s diet rather than the blanket approach of having many ingredients in tiny ineffective doses, or high doses of ingredients commonly in excess. Only contains the ingredients your horse commonly needs in high, effective doses.

HHIO has been helping horses and their owners to get results by truly balancing minerals the HHIO way, feeding effectively and cutting feed bills in half since 2018. Feeding is simpler, and with healthy horses with HHIO onboard.

For any Kaharoa School referral HHIO is delighted to offer a 10% discount off all individual HHIO mineral and digestive formulations. Use the code KAHAROA at check out.

We also offer a free trial of up to 3 different tester packs which is available on the website.

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