Year 8 Head, Heart, Hands Badges

Our values are our deeply held beliefs about what is important. We express them through the way we think and act, and in our daily lives. Over their journey at Kaharoa, our school values develop learners that will thrive in the diverse communities in which they live. Building character is the primary aim of our cornerstone values approach. At Year 8, students are weaving together their understanding of our school values, and strengthening their character, and demonstrating this through being actively involved in leadership and participation in the school community and wider community. The ‘Year 8 Head, Heart, Hands Badges’ are a formal recognition that recognises the development of character and embodiment of values, as demonstrated in their actions to their school, community and self. Actions of the head - knowing the good; actions of the heart - desiring the good; and actions of the hand - doing the good.

Students will strive to earn each badge - head, heart and hand. It is an accumulative, points based system. When a student reaches the benchmark to achieve recognition in one of the areas, they receive a badge. The badges represent the strengthening and development of character- that is the aim of the Year 8 graduate from Kaharoa School. The system is designed to pull together all elements of school life, and encourage students to strive within each aspect. To earn all three badges, students must demonstrate their good character through embodiment and application of the cornerstone values.

Badges will be awarded at assemblies, and celebrated by the school community.

Further information can be found in the attached document.

File Download: Year_8_Character_Badges_Updated_May_2022.pdf

last edited: Mon, June 27, 2022