The Tuck Shop is Back!

posted: Wed, November 24, 2021

​The Tuck Shop is open again for the next two weeks on Tuesdays and Fridays (except Friday 10 December).

Below is the tuck shop menu and the order form. Please note that the students will be selling packaged items only (sorry, no chips).

Sausage rolls and pies have to be pre-ordered the day before.

For those families who only joined the Kaharoa School community towards the end of term 3 or in term 4 - our Tuck Shop is a student-run venture that sells small food items on certain days of the week (used to be Fridays only).

Payment is cash only and a small team of students is responsible for running this little enterprise from A-Z.

We will make sure that all appropriate hygiene measures are in place.

File Download: Tuckshop_Menu.pdf

File Download: Tuck_Shop_Order_Form_-_T4%2C_2021.docx_.pdf

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