The 2021 School Year

posted: Tue, January 26, 2021

Welcome Back! For your information, please see below Term and School Holiday dates, Public Holidays and Teacher Only (Teacher Development) Days currently scheduled for the school year. Also set out is our daily timetable.

The 2021 School Year

Term 1

TERM 1 – Tuesday 2nd of February to Friday 16th April

(Auckland Anniversary 1st February, Waitangi day 8th February, Easter Long Weekend 2-6 April inclusive)

Holiday: Saturday 17th April- Sunday 2nd May

Term 2

TERM 2 – Monday 3rd May to Friday 9th July

(Teacher Only day Friday 4th June, Queen’s Birthday Monday 7th June)

Holiday: Saturday 10th July-Sunday 23rd July

Term 3

TERM 3 – Monday 26th July to Friday 1st October

Holiday: Saturday 2nd October- Sunday 17th October

Term 4

TERM 4 - Monday 18th October to Tuesday 14th December (TBC)

(Teacher Only day - date to be confirmed*, Labour Day Monday 25th October)

Teacher Development days

We have arranged to have our development days to be held during the school holiday breaks at the beginning and end of the year or on the Friday before a long weekend to minimise disruption.

*TOD originally proposed for 22 October will be rescheduled due to clash with Lamb, Calf & Kid Group Day.

Daily timetable

Class: 8.50am-10.20am

Morning tea: 10.20am- 10.40am

Class: 10.40am-12:20pm

Lunchtime: 12.20pm- 1:20pm (eating lunch first)

Class: 1.20pm: 2.50pm

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