Sports Photos 25 November

posted: Fri, November 01, 2019

We would like to recognise those children who have played in sports teams this year. Kylie Day will be at School from 9am, 25 November to take sports team photos. Children participating will need to be in the proper School Sports Uniform.

Please send your child/ren to school that day with their issued sports uniform (if they currently have one issued to them). Those that need sports tops or or netball dresses will be allocated them on the day for the photo. Children will also need their navy shorts, Kaharoa socks and sports shoes. Those who do not have the correct sports uniform will not be able to have their photo taken.

Coaches and managers will be emailed further details so they can come for their team’s photos also.

Photos should be available to order online within one week of the photos having been taken, via an online form. Parents will be able to see a proof of each photo and are not obligated to buy any if they choose not to.

Parents can pay directly to Kylie for their photo(s) (details will be provided), and will have 2 weeks to place orders. Photos will be printed, laminated and given to the school to hand out before the end of the term.

Each photo is 8x12”, named and laminated and cost $15 each.

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