Room Rata’s Learning about Flight

posted: Tue, July 06, 2021

Last Thursday, Room Rata spent the day at the Classic Flyers Aviation Museum in Mount Maunganui. It was an awesome experience and allowed the children to see real life and replica planes that we have learnt about whilst studying Jean Batten. We had rides on a vintage fire engine, walked through a World War 2 Catalina and sat in the pilot seat of a Victa Airtourer T-3A! If you’re ever in Mount Maunganui with some spare time, check it out!

We would like to thank our fantastic parent helpers who transported and helped supervise during the day - Sarah Paterson, Karl Weaver, Mel Davies, Michelle Marino, Iri Hetaraka, Rory Jamieson, Kylie Johnston, Julie Southall and Jamie Watson. This trip would not have happened without your support.

On Friday afternoon we were also treated to a visit from Sam Paterson who talked to us about his time in the Air Force and about being a pilot for Air New Zealand. We learnt so much about the forces needed for a plane to fly, and we got to ask a real life pilot lots of questions! Thanks so much for coming in to talk with us, Sam!

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