posted: Fri, June 14, 2019

Thank you to:

Jude Burnett (RTLB) for:

——bringing out the resources and setting up the programme,

——tutoring our wonderful teacher aides, Sarah, Jackie, Heather and Mandy

——taking the initial lessons for the 6 groups of children (24 children in all) whom class teachers have nominated for Quick60

——visiting each week for the 10-week programme

Thank you to our parents who attended the Quick60 information afternoon that Jude kindly facilitated. It was wonderful to have so many parents attend. If you have any feedback from your children re this programme we would love you to share!

If you have any queries re this programme please do not hesitate to contact me.

Rose Powley

What is the Quick60 programme at Kaharoa about?

The Quick60 is a programme designed to facilitate and support reading and spelling progress for children in groups of 4.

Jude Burnett (Resource Teacher of Learning and Behaviour) is the facilitator for this programme.

Our RTLB cluster has lent us the Quick60 resource programme, books and plans for 10 weeks. This has enabled 24 children (ages 6-12yrs) to have 30-45 minutes, three to four times a week in reading and writing instruction in groups of 4 with either Sarah, Jackie, Heather, Mandy or Rose.

There are 24 levels. Each level has 4 books with the focus being on group discussion, collaboration, reading aloud, comprehension, spelling skills and writing. (Note: Different groups have started on different levels according to age and group ability).

Jude visits us once a week to observe the groups in action and support tutors.

We are extremely fortunate to have this programme available and we are currently in our 3rd week of Quick60. The response from the children has been very positive and the discussion and learning is exciting to see!

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