Pest Control Operation in Kaharoa Conservation Area & HELP NEEDED for Workday - 6 August

posted: Wed, August 03, 2022

Kaharoa Kokako Trust is undertaking pest control in the Kaharoa conservation area using pindone and targeting ship rats. This year bait will be laid twice - in August and December. Warning signs will be up and it is safe to use the forest but any scavenging dogs may be at some risk of secondary poisoning if they are allowed to eat dead animals.

Please see their summary of the upcoming Kaharoa Kokako Trust pest control operation for 2022, below.

KKT are also asking for helpers to lay the bait this Saturday, 6 August 9am. Please find following details about the workday from Graeme Young:

We start our pest control in earnest this coming weekend (6 August).

Our pre-operation pest monitoring shows lower number of rats than normal (Rat Tracking Index of 54% compared with typically 60-70%) and also low possums numbers, (although we expect that as their population recovery is much slower than rats and we hammered them last year). Maybe this awful long wet spell has knocked the rats back a bit as well but the rewarewa is already flowering which is indicative of the mild winter so maybe that means lots of food available for whatever rats are left.

Anyway, this Saturday it is all hands on deck again. A controlled substance licence is not required for Pindone so anyone can put it out into bait stations. We will be carting 0.75kg per station so we need lots of folk so we can get together teams of 3 or 4, if we can, so the load is distributed.

The plan is to meet at the shelter on Kapukapu Road by 9am. We will have the normal safety brief, description of the work, task allocation, then into the forest. A clean up and feed afterwards.

Because of the rain, the forest floor is pretty greasy in parts so sensible footwear is a must. I think showers are forecast so if the met office gets it right then a rain coat would be handy for comfort.

We have about 260 stations to fill so please let me know if you are coming by return email so we can work out food requirements and so I can start planning job allocation. If you have any particular food needs let me know and we will have a go at meeting them for our cuppa and cake afterwards.

Give your boots a clean so you don’t accidentally bring weed seeds or spores with you. We will have a boot scrub and Sterigene spray available though.

Looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible.

Cheers, Graeme

0274 527 168

File Download: Supporting_Documentation.pdf

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