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posted: Fri, November 09, 2018

This term has seen a vast improvement in our weather and that of course means the vegetable garden growth is boosting along.

With the calm, guiding hands of our resident Nana’s (Mrs Lorraine Walker and Mrs Shirley Snodgrass) a keen group of kids can be found every Monday lunchtime heads down in the garden. (A special mention of thanks to the lovely Anna Weaver who has stepped away this term due to coaching a touch team) .

We are so blessed to have these two lovely, knowledgeable ladies who go above and beyond expectations and have been the driving force behind getting our gardens producing again! Thank you!

This week the kids have harvested broccoli, carrots and leeks and have planted more carrot seeds, radishes, beans, and corn into the garden. Already growing well in the plots are strawberries, potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, beetroot…... an amazing amount of food!

Another Superhero of our garden is Mr Shoebridge - he has ‘knocked up’ a gorgeous produce cart which we plan to have out each Monday by the main car park if there is produce to sell. This will be for sale by way of a donation and we would love our community to get behind the school by purchasing vegetables, or perhaps donating the excess produce from your own garden for others to purchase. The money we get from this produce will go back into garden development. In the long term we see the children learning to cook what they grow! We are also hoping to purchase a watering system and timer to keep the crops growing well over summer.

It has been wonderful to see the gardens growing so well and seeing the joy and excitement the tamariki all ages have been getting from spending time in the garden.
Kathy Snodgrass

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