Kaharoa Snapshot - 25 January 2024

posted: Fri, January 26, 2024

Our aim is to send home each major event as a separate email with the information that you need. This makes it easy to search back for an event. Unfortunately at busy times of the year, this can mean you get a number of emails all at once! To support this, we email home a ‘Kaharoa Snapshot’ regularly that gives details of what is happening at school and lists the email information that has been sent.

Below you will find a Kaharoa School Snapshot that will help you with the start of the year organisation for your child/ren! The staff are looking forward to seeing you next week. Please make it a priority to attend the Whānau Picnic on 31 January if at all possible.

The Kaharoa School Team

If you would like to contact Kaharoa School please use one of the emails below.

office@kaharoa.school.nz re: general office inquiries

sarahn@kaharoa.school.nz re: notices, sponsorship, library, to book a time to meet with the principal or deputy principal

astridr@kaharoa.school.nz re: learning support

principal@kaharoa.school.nz re: confidential or serious concerns

sarahpa@kaharoa.school.nz re: Board correspondence

File Download: Start_2024_-_Important_Events.pdf

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