Kaharoa School Basketball Team

posted: Thu, August 01, 2019

​I enjoyed an exciting game of basketball last night at the Sportsdrome. The level of teamwork, skill, and determination shown by the children was exciting to see. This team was only formed this year and their hard work and effort have seen them improve massively. Thank you to Julian and Carol for coaching the boys. The boys have a great role model in Julian who would have been one of the most determined riders when riding professionally and showing such a commitment to his coaching responsibilities having only flown in from France yesterday. A great example for the boys to aspire to. MORE NEWS ADDED THIS WEEK BELOW

What a delight it was to first see the look the pleasure on the team member faces and secondly to get a call to say how proud Julian and Carole were after our school Basketball Team had their first win of the season. Carole mentioned the team played an awesome game against taller opposition, combining superbly as a team putting all the skills together which they have been learning over the season. Well done to the to ALL the players, winning 17-6! You are a great example of what can be achieved through hard work, focus, and teamwork. This is a real Cool Runnings’ story. So proud!

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