Kaharoa Kokako Trust Work Day - 21 May 2022

posted: Wed, May 18, 2022

See below a message from Graeme Young from the KKT requesting help for the upcoming work day:

Hi Kaharoa Supporters.

We are approaching our critical period of the year with our pest control operations due to start in mid-July. Only 2 months away!

All going well around that same time there is a capture of a few Kaharoa kokako to be translocated to Kapiti Island as part of a gene safety bank.

So that means clear access is critical for both of those operations. Most of our bait line tracks have a volunteer assigned to look after them (adopt-a-track) and they should be finding the time to get out and clear their lines and fix any issues with their bait stations or track labelling.

This leaves the access roads which are in places becoming an issue. So we have arranged a work day for this Saturday, 21 May and we would like help in clearing these.

We will assign you in small groups to a section of road to cut back the encroaching growth, so bring along your loppers, hand saws, etc and perhaps gardening gloves to help in dragging larger branches off the road. In some areas there have been heavy falls of mamaku ponga fronds and these become slick in wet conditions so it would be good to get these dragged away too.

As usual we start with a safety brief etc. at 9am at the Kapukapu Road shelter. We will supply you with a cuppa and snack when you are finished which should be around midday.

To gauge numbers for catering and to enable some job allocation planning before Saturday can you please let me know by return email if you intend to come along. In case of unsuitable weather this also enables us to let you know if we have to cancel.

Thanks again for your support.


Graeme Young

027 452 7168

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