Kaharoa Kokako Trust Upcoming Work Days

posted: Tue, June 13, 2023

KKT have had 2 months in a row where their workday was washed out so they are hoping to break that run with another workday scheduled for Saturday, 24 June.

Hi again all you KKT Supporters.

We have had 2 months in a row where our workday was washed out by this lovely weather so we are hoping to break that run.

On the 24th we will again attempt to get our access road cleared down to J skid. This is about 650m and we need to clear the sides and the height (over hanging branches). If we have a big turn out we can tackle some other tasks in the forest but this road is a critical task.

The day will start at the shelter (796 Kapukapu Road) at 9am. Expect to be finished by about mid-day. As usual, reply to this email to book yourself in so we can determine catering requirements, and so I know who to contact if we have a third strike out due to weather.

And here are some dates for your calendars. For those of you lucky enough to be too old to work, or can get time off during the week, your presence on those mid-week days would be most welcome to help on 8/8, 29/9 and 27/10.

But I have attempted to keep most work effort on our traditional Saturdays. Where we are applying, or removing toxins, we often run over to the Sunday also (10/9, 24/9, & 22/10).

The toxins this year are Pindone and Double-tap, neither of which require you to hold a controlled substance licence. Feratox (encapsulated cyanide) does. So, plenty for everyone to get involved with.

Date Day Event
22/07/2023 Saturday Volunteers workday
8/08/2023 Tuesday AGM & KKT Monthly Meeting. 5:30pm BOPRC Building. KKT collect wax tags
26/08/2023 Saturday Volunteers workday
9/09/2023 Saturday Pindone application. Double-tap pre-feed
23/09/2023 Saturday Volunteers workday. Double-tap & Feratox application. Pindone top up.
29/09/2023 Friday Tracking cards into Ais, OE & OW
30/09/2023 Saturday Tracking cards collected from Ais, OE & OW. Wax -tags put out in OW
7/10/2023 Saturday Wax -tags collected from OW. Double-tap top-up
21/10/2023 Saturday Bait removals
27/10/2023 Friday Post -op RTI cards out to bush
28/10/2023 Saturday Volunteers workday. Collect post-op RTI cards. Wax tags out
4/11/2023 Saturday Wax tags collected for BMI.
25/11/2023 Saturday Volunteers workday

And note we have an AGM on 8th of August. You don’t have to be scared of landing a job at ours but you are more than welcome to rock up and hear what we have achieved for the last year’s efforts.

Thanks for being involved. I hope to see many of you on the 24th and on other days in our busy calendar.

Graeme Young

0274 527 168


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