Volunteers Wanted to Help with Loading Bait Stations

posted: Mon, September 16, 2019

Kaharoa Kokako Trust’s pre-baiting went well and thank you to everyone that helped. This coming weekend they are putting out another 500g of pre-bait and are keen for helpers to load the bait stations.

From Graeme Young:

The pre-baiting carried out on the weekend of the 7th went really well. Thank you to all of you who turned up to help. It was a great day. Not so nice on the Sunday when we finished up all the left over lines as it rained off and on the whole time. So a special thanks to the Sunday Schoolers who turned up for that.

I was in the Onaia West area on the weekend and most bait stations were empty already so it is clear we are feeding a multitude.

This coming weekend we are putting out another 500gms of pre-bait, half of the weight from the first round, so again this is suitable for all ages. I must say it was really nice to see some of our next generation of conservationists last time.

As usual we will be operating from the Kapukapu Road shelter, starting at 9am. And as usual we really need your help.

If you are able to attend can you let me know so I can do some preplanning and so our caterers can know what sort of numbers to expect.


Graeme Young

Kaharoa Kokako Trust


File Download: Kaharoa_Kokako_Trust_Letter_.pdf

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