Chinese Speech Competition

posted: Fri, August 24, 2018

Gōng xǐ nǐmen!
Meg, Ana, Finley, Jessica and Lucy - Yr 5 & 6; Amber, Sulis, Mila, Lucy and Katrina - Year 7; Aimee, Oliver, Phillipa, Joshua and Charlotte - Yr 8.

Congratulations to you all for representing Kaharoa at the Rotorua Annual Chinese Speech Competitions last Friday 17th August. You were the top 5 contestants in our Kaharoa competition and we are very proud of the way you presented yourselves at the competition.

The competition was as it should be; a challenge with the best of the best. Xiexie nimen for your efforts and participation - you should be very proud of yourselves - it was a tough competition. Laoshi Zhu was very proud of you all.

Xiexie to Duncan Gifford for supervising (and transporting) the children and to Mrs Short, Mrs Jones and Mrs Gordon for transporting the children to and from the event

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