Agrikids Results

posted: Thu, October 18, 2018

The children had a great time at our first Kaharoa School Agrikids afternoon. We expect with a bit of tweaking this will become a regular part of our Lamb, Calf, Kid and Chicken Day event. A huge thank you to Jacqui English for organising the event on behalf of the PTA. Thank you also to Alistair Coatsworth, Brendon Conwell, Claire Austin, Tony Thaugland, Andy Gifford and Phil Rivers. Mr Thaugland also wanted me to thank his helpers – Elspeth, Casey and Olivia.

Results were really close with the 2nd finalist being decided on Cornerstone Value point’s countback which were the same and then Hive Construction countback. We will announce the grand winner and present prizes at next week’s assembly.


Finalists - Team 2 - Raina, Hugo, Daniel (Leo) and Team 7 (on countback) - Hamish, Jasmyn, Phillipa
3rd Place - Team 11 - James, Riley, Katrina.

Thank you to our sponsors for the amazing prizes. Otaika Valley Farms for $240 worth of Rebel Sports Vouchers, Ray White for wonderful gift bags.

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