The Kaharoa School uniform consists of the following items:

Sunhat: Navy blue monogrammed wide brim hat. Children are required to wear Kaharoa School sunhats that protect them from the sun during Terms 1 & 4 before school, at interval, lunchtime, after school, P.E. and during outside school events. These can be purchased at the School Office for $24.00. All pupils will have their own hat to wear, which is clearly named. All pupils will leave their hats at school at the end of each day unless they are being used after school as part of a sports uniform e.g. cricket.

Children catching the Hamurana bus home are to bring their own named sunhat to wear while waiting for the bus in the afternoons.

Events uniform: Navy blue shorts (to be purchased independently) and monogrammed navy blue and gold polo shirt which is loaned out by the school.

Kaharoa Representative Teams: Navy tracksuit with monogrammed top which is loaned out by the school.

Please Note: Children will be asked to wear their events/representative uniform for specified sports events at school and at inter-school games or representative events or functions. Coaches of Netball & Basketball will be issued with team strips for their team.

last edited: Tue, February 23, 2021