Lamb, Chicken & Kid Day

(Please note we will not have a calf section at our 2019 event this year while trying to eradicate Mycoplasma bovis).

Lamb, Chicken & Kid Day is an annual event at Kaharoa School. This year it will be held on Friday, 18 October.

The aim of this event is for the children to care for and raise a lamb, kid or chicken and enter it in this event.

The Lambs, Chickens & Kids must be born between the 20th July and the 25th September. Most of the children order their chickens through the school and they generally arrive in the first week in September.

There are 3 categories - Senior (Y6,7 & 8) / Intermediate (Y4&5) and Junior (Y1-3).

The Lamb & Kid section is Leading, Calling and Care & Attention. We will also be holding a pre-school ring this year where the children can enter a lamb, chicken or kid with the following categories being judged - Best Dressed, Fluffiest, Cleanest, Happiest & Best Behaved.

The Chicken’s section is Presentation & Care / Knowledge

The Ex Battery hen section is Presentation & Care / Knowledge / Most Recovered.

Registration starts from 8.45am to 9.30am on the day and the children will be issued a registration number. The judges briefing is at 9.30am in the staffroom and the event judging commences at 10.00am. Parking is on the field at the back of the school which can be entered through the gate next to the school carpark.

The PTA assist on the day with organising the event, the sausage sizzle and morning tea for the judges. (See the Helping Hands section of the website if you would like to help in any way).

If a child comes 1st or 2nd in an event for the Lamb section, they are eligible for Group Day which is held at a different school every year. Registrations for this event is at your school office. Any child can also enter the Open rings on the day with their Lambs & Kids.

This a fun and exciting event that is enjoyed by the children and it teaches them about looking after their pet.

Below is the Instruction booklets for the Lamb, Kid and Chickens to download or you can get a paper copy from the school office.

File Download: Lamb__Kid_Booklet.pdf

File Download: Chicken_Booklet.docx

File Download: Ex_Battery_Hen_Info__Tips.docx

last edited: Fri, August 23, 2019