Illness/Injury at School

We will endeavour to keep all parents/guardians fully informed should any serious injury occur, providing we have up to date telephone numbers. If you cannot be contacted, medical help will be sought for your child.

It is also important that we are fully informed of any special medication, allergies, conditions etc.

Sick Bay
A record of all injuries and the attention given is kept in the sick bay. Children with identified health risks have an up to date medical profile (providing caregivers have informed us) that includes procedure and a photograph. All head and spinal injuries are regarded as serious in the first instance.

Medication at School

  • Office staff are able to administer First Aid medication (e.g. bee stings). We do not supply or administer antibiotic type medication for short term illnesses (e.g. sore throats) unless specifically requested by a parent who has supplied the necessary prescribed medication.
  • Pain relief (e.g. panadol) is only to be given with parental enrolment permission. A treatment form (or a personal telephone call) detailing any medication administered to a child will be sent home to their caregiver.
  • For students with specific medical needs a medical plan will be in place and on display in the first aid room. All staff will be made aware of these students.

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