Please check when enrolling your child as to eligibility.

Timetables can vary at times, we will advise via the school newsletter when any changes need to be made.

Please inform the bus controller (Rose Powley) of any changes to your address, by phone or note, this helps us to ensure that all pupils get to and from school safely.

It is essential that children are marked off the bus list if they are not going to travel home on it. Bus lists can usually be found in the office.

Pupils are not able to change from one bus to another. The bus company insist children must travel on the bus for which they are eligible. To assist Ritchies Buses non transferrable bus passes are allocated in the following colours to each child:

Hamurana Road – BLUE pass
Jackson Road – ORANGE pass
Te Pu/Kapukapu Road– GREEN pass

Children must show their passes to travel on their bus. Buses must not exceed the legal passenger limit.

Those parents who have to transport their children some distance to school by car on Kaharoa Road may be eligible for a conveyancing allowance. If you would like to check eligibility please contact the school.

Road/Bus Safety
Your assistance in ensuring that the road rules are kept when travelling to and from school is very necessary. There is absolutely no bike riding in the school grounds.

Bus Agreement Form

If your child is on a school bus please read the below Bus Transport Booklet and fill in the agreement form. The agreement form is also available from the school office.

File Download: Kaharoa_School_Bus_Transport_Booklet.pdf

File Download: Kaharoa_School_Bus_Agreement_Form.pdf

last edited: Tue, February 23, 2021