Each alternate Friday morning (even weeks) we hold an assembly in the Kokako Centre starting at 9 a.m. The alternate Friday (odd weeks), syndicate assemblies will be held. These assemblies are led by the Year 8 school leaders with a rostered class sharing a song and some work.. Parents & caregivers are most welcome to attend.

We start with our Karakia and National Anthem. The assemblies are an excellent opportunity to celebrate students' behaviour, work efforts, attitude, community contributions and outstanding achievements in a variety of endeavours by certificates and awards in a formal setting.

Karakia Timatanga – Opening

Tütawa mai I runga
Tütawa mai I raro
Tütawa mai I roto
Tütawa mai I waho
Kia tau ai te mauri tu
Te mauri ora ki te katoa
Hãumi e. Hui e. Tãiki e!

I summon from above
I summon from below
I summon from within
and the surrounding environment
The universal vitality and energy to infuse and enrich the present
Enriched, unified and blessed

last edited: Sun, January 22, 2017