Kaharoa Kokako Trust News June 21

posted: Fri, June 11, 2021

Please see below for some health and safety information/warnings regarding the Kokako Block, and a request for help from willing volunteers for the next round of pest control activities.

  1. The pig hunter will be working the block from next Tuesday 15th to Friday 18th. So please stay away for your own safety and also to allow him to sort out as many pigs as possible without disturbance. Thanks.

  2. Dale Williams is the Health & Safety rep for our Trust and after a couple of more serious slips reported recently he produced the attached little opinion piece called ‘Falling With Grace’. I really enjoyed it and thought you would too.

  3. Working alone – we are aware that many of you, like me, enjoy being in the forest alone. For safety you should always have a contact that you let know where you are, and when you are expecting to be out; and you let them know when you are safely out. But the next stage, if things go wrong, we may lose the chain of corrective actions. If you are late out, your contact needs someone to reach out to, to explain the situation, where you are and to go and check the situation. That is probably me. I know the whole area pretty well and live relatively close. So please give my name and phone number (0274 527 168) to your safety contact.

Volunteer Help Needed:

We are not going to hold a work day next Saturday 19th as the following weekend (26th) we are starting this year’s pest control operation with rat and possum monitoring. If the weather cooperates DOC staff will be putting out the rat tracking cards on Friday 25th. Our job is to bring them in on Saturday. We have 12 lines to do. 3 in Onaia East, 4 in Onaia West and 5 in Aislabie block.

We have also established, on each line, an invertebrate monitoring station and we have installed points on each line for possum monitoring using wax tags.

So we will be assessing the inverts (quick & easy to do) and putting out the wax tags. Wax tags are tasteless but possums are inquisitive and bite them to see what they are all about. They tend to only do it once. So the possum count is a simple index like the rat tracking index - a percentage of blocks bitten. The tags stay out for a week so we will also be needing a little help to collect these on Saturday 3rd July.

So – can you reply by email to let me know if you can help on either Saturday 26th June or Saturday 3rd July. Both days starting at 9am but meeting at the Kaharoa hall next to the school.

And a reminder, we will also need a lot of help on the 17th and 31st of July putting out pre-bait in all bait stations. Mark those in your diary. We are determined to do a much better job than we achieved last year.

Cheers and thanks in advance,

Graeme Young



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