Kaharoa Kokako Trust News

posted: Tue, November 09, 2021

KKT’s have shared their latest newsletter with us which will bring you up to date on some of their activities:

It has been a busy year with some significant changes and improvements to our infrastructure and other less obvious changes (like this newsletter format).

In 2021 we are updating and upgrading our GIS; we are beginning to use cell phone apps in the field for navigation and data collection; we have installed a number of permanent possum traps to augment our mustelid trapping, and will continue with more; and we are improving and extending our environmental monitoring, to name a few projects not included in the newsletter update.

Many of you are regular supporters of our work days but if you like the idea of a quieter time in the forest, adopt-a-track may be for you. Or you may be interested in greater involvement in some other project. Just get in touch to kaharoakokako@gmail.com

There is likely to be one more workday on the 20th November but if we don’t have contact with you before the Christmas break we offer you a huge thanks for your support in 2021 and we wish you a great holiday break with far too much peace and quiet, food and ‘good cheer’.

And stay away from that Covid!!

All the best from

G & the rest of the Trustees

Kaharoa Kokako Trust

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