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Term Letter

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Dear Parents / Caregivers

Welcome to term four in Room Rimu. I hope everyone managed to find some sun - we travelled to the South Island to do so!

Lessons and activities this term will include:

Reading: Initially finishing group novels from last term or independent/paired reading with book reports to follow. Rimu readers will then be moved into mixed-level groups to work on plays that they will present to the class (and possibly juniors). More independent/paired reading may follow if time before the year’s end.

Children will continue to rotate through a variety of independent activities called ‘The Daily 5’ when not reading a set text.

All children are encouraged to read at home every day (there is an obvious connection between good readers and the amount of reading done!) This does not need to be recorded as children are expected to manage themselves. Reading at home can be own books, library books or books and journals chosen from the fluency boxes at request.

Library Day will continue to be Wednesday this term, the children are allowed up to 3 books out.

Writing: Descriptive recount writing (continuing to work on ‘show, not tell’ from last term), then writing to entertain (retelling fables & writing narratives). I will continue to teach specific language skills needed in years 5 & 6 (including dictionary/thesaurus skills, editing & punctuation, spelling rules and language features).

Maths: Rooms Rimu & Rata will continue our maths class crossover 3 days a week, working with fractions & decimals (including money), and then statistics - chance & probability. Maths Whizz will be used for 15 minutes in class most days, before the group maths sessions. I look at areas of difficulty and individually support students in areas of need when possible. Even greater maths progress can be made when children are able to access this programme at home.

topic Studies: Kindness is our cornerstone value for the term - ‘Willingness to help, show concern for and be friendly to others.’ This means being a friend.’ Our school wide theme is based on the key competencies ‘Friendly’ and ‘Thinker’. Room Rimu will look at different fields of science and scientists that have made a difference in our world.

Phys. Ed.: Athletics followed by small ball skills, (maybe skipping as it was missed in term 3) and games.

We will also participate in our final series of Go4It, with four sessions called ‘Hit it’.

The pool may open near the end of the term (dependent on weather and temperature!)

HOMEWORK: Although most Rimu children are not bringing home regular homework sheets, spelling words or basic facts everybody is expected to read at home daily and learn their basic facts (particularly times tables and division). There is a range of maths worksheets available to help with this if needed.

Students can opt to take home a science, literacy or maths problem solving task/challenge each week.

Some students have been given spelling words to learn last term, with activities suggested for how to practise these. Sometimes also, work will come home that needs to be completed or maths tasks may be sent home if a need is noticed.

Students participating in the Give it a Go Homework Challenge need to remember to bring in evidence of completed challenges. All homework challenges need to be completed by the end of November.

Thank you

Maria Shoebridge

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