Science in a Van

Where: Kaharoa School

Date: Tuesday, May 30, 2023 (all day)

Duration:   1 days

Details: The team from Science in a Van will visit our school and wow the children with their science.

For years 0-3
Billy Goats Gruff : A tale of competing forces – The Physical World

A classic tale with some new twists! Your juniors will be spellbound as they watch the crafty goats apply their knowledge of forces to move the terrifying troll. By the end of this storytelling your students will be able to use the words 'force' and 'friction'. They will also understand the effect of pulling and pushing a stationary object.

For years 4-8
What's the Matter? – The Material World

What are the properties of a material? How many states of matter are there? This show will get your students excited about solids, liquids and gases. It introduces the periodic table in a fun way and demonstrates how elements can come together to make different materials. We discuss how materials can change with mixing and temperature and enjoy explosive experiments!

Repeats?: No Repeats

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