Letter from the BOT Chair

Letter from the Board Chair

I believe that there is a connection between our Tamariki and Kōanga (Spring). At this time of year plants burst into life, tree’s blossom, bulbs produce flowers and young seedlings are ready to be planted or seeds sown. The best results come from the plants that have been nurtured throughout the year with plenty of attention given to their growth particularly if the soil or environment is a healthy one.

It is the same with our children at Kaharoa School, we now see them starting to blossom and thrive as we move through the year. They are growing with knowledge in maths, writing, science, arts and reading as well as important life skills that include the schools Cornerstone Values, homework challenges physical education and many other achievements.

Also like the trees or plants our children’s growth blossoms to reach their full potential from the nurturing and attention that is given to them from the moment they arrive at our School. This comes from the dedicated Principal, passionate teachers, support staff and whānau who are there to support them to thrive and grow. The PTA, BOT and our wider community are also there for governance, support and guidance through the collective efforts of fund raising, direction and care.

So next time you stop and appreciate Kōanga (Spring) and the new growth of the trees and blossoms, it will hopefully remind you of our great rural school nestled amongst the Kaharoa hills generating strong healthy children who have had opportunities to thrive in an amazing environment. Our children are to be admired and celebrated in the same way.

Nga Mihi
Tony Thaugland
Kaharoa School Board Chair