Pool Use

posted: Thu, February 01, 2018

It has been fabulous seeing the pool being used so much over the holidays. It is wonderful to see our facilities benefitting our community. It makes the $6,000 to $8,000 annual investment worthwhile. However I do need to reinforce some key messages and pool rules after having to ask some users to leave last night.

  • Swim within the allotted times and not after dark
  • No music to be played. The pool is for swimming not musical entertainment
  • There must be a keyholder with a key on site
  • The keyholder must be over 16 years of age
  • Use the gate not the fence
  • Close the gate after you
  • When leaving the pool, close the gate and changing shed doors after turning off the lights. Don’t rely on the next person to do this. Too often Vance or I are doing this the next morning.
  • If you open a gate for someone arriving ask for their name and if they are a keyholder.

If we follow these simple rules, encourage more key purchases and key use then we will continue to enjoy our outstanding facilities for a reasonable price.


Warwick Moyle

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