School Fun Run Fundraiser

posted: Wed, June 27, 2018

Huge thanks goes to all the children who have raised money for the PTA by completing the Kaharoa School cross country event.

The children have been training hard and now we have our actual course to get out and practise on thanks to our wonderful Mr Shoebridge.

Thank you to the 49 children who have signed up at schoolfundraising.co.nz or by fundraising not online to raise funds for our school PTA to purchase resources. Our total continues to grow.

To our top fundraisers, Wiremu Ruru who has raised $713.15, Cayden Beban who raised $570.11 and Ava Kyaw who raised $269.13 and who has just turned 5 and started school this term.

Well the cross country is now done and dusted. Congratulations to all participants, even me!

The children can now feel free to collect their fundraising and return to school by next Friday 6th July (last day of term 2). They have until Friday 27th July (end of Term 3) to order their prizes

Thanks from Christina Clark .

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